You can advertise banners within Offyce.comís top frame at competitive prices. We will even consider banner exchanges with complimentary service and product providers. attracts two main categories of customers: users of meeting rooms and suppliers of those meeting rooms. Both provide a highly targeted group of customers to whom you can advertise.

If you are offering products and services to consumers (B2C), most of our users are business managers or their assistants who are organising off-site meetings with staff or management, or with partners, customers and suppliers. We also attract government organisations, clubs, associations and other organisations. As such, the rooms are used for meetings, presentations and speaking for a variety of purposes such as sales, progress reviews, business development, training, motivation, recognition, entertainment, events and a wide number of other reasons. These customers are often business travellers who need a wide variety of technology and services to travel to and from meetings, communicate, record, write reports and make visual presentations.

Alternatively, if you are offering business-to-business (B2B) products and services, most of our suppliers are in the hotel trade, and many others are business centres, universities, schools and charities. You can sell directly to the trade.

Please send an email describing what advertising you would like to place on our web pages to, including your name, organisation and method by which you would like to place an add. Reasonable offers will be considered and replied to.